FMCC 7th Anniversary x SM Sta. Mesa Branch Grand Opening

10513: FMCC 7th Anniversary Celebration and Grand opening of their newest branch at SM Sta. Mesa with performances by Gloc 9, Denise and of course, The Magalona’s.

I went late and didn’t get the chance to see the Magalona’s perform because I went at Makati to assist my client in viewing his desired units. I almost thought that I won’t be able to see them (the mags) but because they started late, may naabutan pa ko. Whew




So when I arrived, they were all at the branch for signing and photo op. Bawal solo kaya puro group pics na lang. So here’s my phot with them:



Bawal solo, pero atlis kay Saab may solo ako 🙂

with my #girlcrushforevs






FMForeverMore Launch

FMForeverMore Launch was held at 7th High, Bonifacio Street last May 23, a tribute to the late FrancisM and launching of Kaleidoscope World by Elmo Magalona feat. FrancisM

FMCC MOA Grand Launch


I never missed an FMCC launch event ever since I started being a follower. And I can’t stand to miss one that’s why I didn’t attend my friend’s wedding reception for this..and I feel guilty for that. Anyway. So I arrived late, around 6 but the Mags were not there yet so okay lang.

Gloc arrived and went early coz he has a flight to London for a show

3 Stars & a Sun, located at Mall Of Asia 2nd level, Unit 213A(EM) South Wing

limited pin from FrancisM Foundation

Launching of “Kidlat” shirt by Gloc9

The Mags





Sealed Elmonatics


Catnip Premiere Night One Originals 2012 Finalist Directed by Kevin Dayrit Starring Lauren Young, Maxene Magalona, and Rommel Luna so much to Mommy P for the premiere tickets!! as Liv as Cieca birthday gift for Saab my favorite blogger, villain, sweetheart, dj..Saab Magalona my SE buddies.. part of the night.. mommy p held us her phone and said “Say hello to moe!” I was so excited that moment and all I said was just “hello moe hello moe”  and later she gave her phone to Lo.. *kiliiiiig*

Just One Summer Premiere Night

The much awaited movie of the year!

August 13, 2012; SM Megamall, Cinema 9

We couldn’t make it here without the help of Ms. Pia Magalona, thanks so much to her for the tickets and for all the love and kindness she’s showing to us.

Mommy P with Elmo’s admins 🙂

I’m happy that, at last, she finally met the people behind Elmo’s fanpages and blog

Love gift for Elmo and Mommy P 🙂

She’s so pretty!! My peg/girl crush

If you guys are wondering why I don’t have a picture with Moe..sad to say I didn’t get a chance to take a pic with him. But I greeted him twice! (Actually I waved my hands on his face) I guess that’s enough! Haha

But here’s a tweet back from him.. Haaaay *kilig*