Pyromusical Competition

*Haven’t updated my blog for so long so I’m catching up now, I will be posting what happened for the past few months. So let’s start at the month of March. So here, March 22, 2014, last day of 5th Pyromusical Competition (USA & Philippines). I went with my college friends to watch the show. We watched it at the roof deck of MOA parking and we had the best view among the others who were watching beside the barriers heheĀ . OurĀ other college friend, Rhod, watched the show with her parents at the VIP section, sya na! Haha, sadly we didn’t had the chance to see each other sa sobrang dami ng tao. So after the show, we just went to Nati’s place at Zamora Pasay annddd.. Wala na ko masabi, since it happened mejo long time ago na hindi na fresh sa utak ko magkwento so just look at the pictures na lang. Haha