Last day of 1st sem

Taho before taking exam

Wento to SB after exam to cool down..wait? What! They spelled my name wrong again!

Jackie who?

Coffee hits with Rhod..

Candid shot by Rhod

Headed straight to Glorietta to watch Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles woth Aly and Janeth

So there’s this random guy earlier..nagpupumilit sumama sa picture namin and asked for our names.. Feeling close

Bought a new kicks 🙂


Class after Pajama Party

Stayed up late til 3am last night at Rhod’s house for a slumber party as her 20th birthday celebration. Got only 3 hours of sleep, I woke up at 6am.

Hey girls! Wake up, we’re getting late!

And we’re 15 minutes late on our first class.. Well. Like a boss.

5-minute break from our first class, Taxation.

Tambayan ng may mga class sa 4th floor

Not enough sleep, hello eyebags @_@

aaand! Classes are done. Tambay muna sa Rotonda with Sam and Cheeks 🙂

View blog about our Pajama Party here:

Meeting with GMA staffs

Last Wednesday, a guy called me,  inviting me for a meeting regarding Elmo’s.. basta something related to him.. So earlier I went there for the meeting with Cian and Zeph. As usual, I was late. (30 minutes late) Kahiya! So we we’re there with some of the heads of some groupies (let’s not call it a fans club *eww*) and GMA staffs. Met new people and talked about some plans which we’re very much looking forward to.

View from the 17th floor of GMA Building after meeting.

(Laugtrip convo earlier while we’re waiting for the elev)

Writer: Manood kayo ng Luna Blanca book 3 ah, si Heart at si Bianca mamaya na lalabas

Me: ahh, book 3 kase tumanda na nga pala sila

staff: Oo pero yaan mo di na yun aabot kila Regine Velasquez

Me: Baka book 6 nyan sila Nova Villa na

staff: ang book 6 nyan sina Gloria Romero na


Yeah, we are representing our school. DLSU, UE, FEU.. UAAP lang ang peg.

So here’s the main reason of our meeting..

Here’s the Total Girl September Issue with JuliElmo on the Cover. Pls buy Total Mag with them on the cover and please vote for JuliElmo on Inside Showbiz’ poll: “Sinong loveteam ang mas nakakakilig?” at this link make sure to buy a copy of the magazine

Please also like and post positive comments on Julie and Elmo’s cover photo at Total Girl’s FB fan page at: 

So yeah..

Right after the meeting, I don’t feel like going home yet, went to Glorietta to chill down

while waiting for the MRT..

Bought a knitted sweater and a colored jeggings heehee.. I’m getting fat :/

trip na trip ko shoes ko heehee, bought this at Glorietta 3 fronting the Mcdonald’s

Thanks to these freebies/memorabillas