#Y Gala night

So I went to the Gala night of #Y. I’ve watched the film for the second time. And I just can’t help but be proud of Elmo. I’ve been a fan of Elmo since when he officially entered showbiz, in his almost 4 years of being an artist, I’ve seen a lot of improvements from him; from his voice, his moves and his acting. I’ve seen him act on his Maynila episodes, pilyang kerubin, bantatay, his musical act called “A wazak love story”, his comedy sitcoms: Kaya ng powers and Tweets for my sweet, Tween Academy, Just One Summer, Together Forever, Villa Quintana and on his first indie film which is #Y.

He is really accelerating in his acting skills! I loved how he interpreted a teen guy who’s like confused of living in this world. He has a good life, good family, nice friends but everything seems to be worthless for him and wanted to end his life.

My fave part of the movie is his make out scene with Lia (Sophie Albert) which is mejo bitin coz he only showed more of his back (hahaha charot!)

Pero seriously my fave part is his 2nd phone convo with Abby (Chynna Ortaleza) when he’s going hysterical and wanting to kill himself again. Wala lang I just find his acting very real and emotional I was mejo teary eyed coz he made me feel I was in his situation through his acting though I haven’t felt that way pa naman.
I wish he’ll have more indie films..
So here’s some of the photos I took from the Gala last night:

CinemalayaX poster

10578326_10204529445986383_249126341_n#Y Poster (didn’t get to take a pic of the other poster beside this, naba-block ng mga tao yung poster eh)



So here, before the screening, they introduced the Team #Y: director, writer, editor, cast etc. Gino gave a short speech..and he’s sooo cute, young and fresh haha


Here’s Elmo signing stuff for his fans


And here’s Direk Gino!!! He’s super cute! I was in the middle of the crowd when someone touched my back and when I saw it’s him, I immediately approached him, took a pic together and congratulate him.


Team Elmo with Ms. Pia Magalona


She’s been always so sweet and nice 🙂

10601318_10204529578589698_668958098_nAnd since I don’t have a pic with moe that night, here’s our pic from the 2nd day of screening of #Y at CCP (080314)


Congrats to the whole team of #Y for being the box office for the new breed category.

Check out my post about the 2nd screening of #Y here


CinemalayaX: #Y



My first time to watch a Cinemalaya entry..

I’ve been wanting to watch a Cinemalaya films since last 2 years but didn’t had the chance, too bad I heard there were a lot of good films then.

#Y chronicles the adventures of the members of a generation made universal by the realms of social media, the internet, sex, drugs, and alcohol, and the occasional YOLO.

Starring: Elmo Magalona as Miles, Coleen Garcia as Janna, Sophie Albert as Lia, Kit Thompson as Ping, Slater Young as Mark and Chynna Ortaleza as Abby.

CinamalayaX is from August 1-10.

We went to the 2nd day of screening of Cinemalaya at CCP.image



and of course, thanks to Elmo for dropping by to meet us! He came all the way from Trinoma for the screening of #Y.image


 Here’s the screening schedule of #Y

 I’ll post another blog about this film after their Gala night 🙂 (oh that’s tonight!)

Oishi Snacktacular 2014


Day 1



Dropped by at Glorietta 2 to check out what’s in Day 1

Day 2 with the Team O!

Daniel and Kathryn



And they passed by in front of me! Whew. Check out the video here

Elmo performing Kaleidoscope World Forevermore



Watch the video here


5 lucky fans doing the moves with Elmo, watch their moves here


10474956_778873708800390_303946685_n(of course, I wouldn’t miss a photo with Elmo haha)



Spotted my favorite male blogger, Robbie Becroft!


Br33Rr4CYAAQx6qHappy 40th anniversary Oishi!


Team Elmo Christmas Party 121713


Had a Christmas Party with Team Elmo last Dec 17 at Rufo’s Famous Tapa along Timog ave. All are so happy because Elmo was able to attend our Christmas Party despite his busy sched, especially these days.

I was late that time because I came from work, and it’s rush hour so the traffic was so heavy. I took the MRT but still! may traffic sa MRT. Haha, just kidding. They just had some problem with the train that caused me to be late for an hour. Good thing, I was still able to make it before Elmo leaves.

Here’s the proof that I’m late. Haha (photo credits to Sarah)


So when I came, sakto lang for dinner. After dinner, we had our pictures.. selfies and groupies etc. Medyo nagmamadali lang coz Moe still have an appointment, I think it’s a shoot. Supposedly 8:30, alis na sya, but he went out almost 9 na. But still, he’s selfie-ing with other fans. Bait talaga.

And I was surprise for the giveaways!!! (photo credits to Rhaine)


Thank you so much Oishi, Folded & Hung and FMCC for these!!


Of course, thanks so much to Ms. Pia for these sponsors, and for letting Elmo join our Party. Thanks so much for being kind 🙂

So since I don’t have my cam with me that night, I’ll just share some pics with you guys (photo credits to Rhaine)


(p.s. he forgot to bring the cake with him, haha)


(I can see him as a Daddy from this picture, maybe because he’s reading a newspaper, hahaha)



All are excited with their new FMCC shirt, yaayyyy!



Hug tight coz I missed you so much!!!

Ohh, special thanks to Elmo Exclusive, Sealed Elmonatics, Elmoholics, ElmosChannel, Fresh Elmonades and other groups that I forgot to mention 🙂

and thanks to Aly for dropping by 🙂


Elmo’s birthday prod and birthday celebration. 042813

At last, this party finally happened! It was originally planned to be a Christmas Party, but was postponed because of his conflict schedule, he had a photo shoot for Folded & Hung that night. We planned on re-scheduling the party but Moe was so busy that time, but we realized that it’s ok if we will re-sched the party on April for Elmo’s birthday so it  would be a celebration for him.

And so April comes, we visited Moe at his rehearsal for Party P to ask if he’s available on April 28 and he said yes. So yeah! We’re busy preparing all the giveaways, raffles, souvenirs and etc for his Party, so far, all worth it. 🙂

Earlier that day is his birthday prod. Party Pilipinas was at the Philippine Navy Headquarters for the 115th celebration of chuvalu. I went there early to meet the other heads of Elmo’s groupies and the others who asked for tickets to me. I had 60 tickets but only few get their tix,  so we gave the left tickets to anyone who’s in the line of the Entrance. The venue was open and was not that organized I think, coz there is no designated seats for “this” groupies and some seats were vacant and halo-halo, bahala na kung san ka uupo, and not all seats have a tent, those who are sitting in the VIP also don’t have a tent..wawa naman sila bilad na bilad while the show is ongoing.


So here’s Elmo’s prod:


Keso Boys – they sang Mga Kababayan,

Love PP, – JuliElmo: Why can’t it be

and his birthday prod: If you could see me now – The Script and Kaleidoscope World – Francis M.

I didn’t took a picture of his other prods coz my cam got lowbat. 😦 Here’s some of the pics I took:



Here’s maxx, proud ate!


After Party P, we headed to Trinoma to prepare things, gifts and giveaways for Elmo’s birthday party. It was a very successful birthday celebration organized by Sealed Elmonatics’ admins. 🙂

See photos here: (credits to @OneForElmoMags)

Why are you staring at me ba?? Hahahaha