Step Up Revolution best scenes

Love the Opening dance, Office Mob, the Gallery part and the last part!! I actually love all that’s why I compiled some of their dance scenes here.. Ang swabe ni Sean!!

Opening Sequence

Office Mob

We Are The Mob


I just love these vids

Every time I’ll be home alone, I usually turn the music on and my speakers on a very high volume and sing along into it, or listen to it while I’m working out on my home alone. Sometimes, I randomly dance with any steps, up beat or slow beat to sweat out. But sometimes I feel so stupid dancing in a slow beat coz I’m not really a good dancer, actually haha. But I’m a dance lover. FYI, I was a cheerdancer before when I was in high school. In fact I really love lyrical dances. That’s why I searched for lyrical dance choreographs  on YouTube and wanting to learn from it.

Shot for me – Drake

This vid really caught me! So hypnotizing.. I love the steps, so creative and detailed in every rhythm of the song, same as with the next vid

Sweet Love – Chris Brown

For now, these 2 are my fave Choreos from Daniel. Check his other videos at and

also watch this vid

and visit 🙂