Hell-o! I’m Jacqui Franco. A graduate of Business Operations Management in De LaSalle University of Dasmarinas.  I’m some-what shy. I don’t really feel comfortable talking about things. I like to keep it to myself. I am a very good secret keeper. I may surprise people, because they don’t know me for who really am I. I am mysterious, never selfish and get interested in things easily. My day can be sad or happy depending on my mood. I am popular between friends but I can act stupid at times, and forget things easily and I go for people who are trustworthy.

I am weird at times, or most of the times and that makes me unique. I am independent, I love trying and experiencing new things, I love adventure. I look innocent but I’m wild inside. I am quiet but I have so much in my mind.

I love galleries full of arts, I love going to events, I love parties. I love occasions. I love having fun and fooling around, I love to hang out, I love to drink, I love to dance when no one’s watching.


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