Team Elmo Christmas Party 121713


Had a Christmas Party with Team Elmo last Dec 17 at Rufo’s Famous Tapa along Timog ave. All are so happy because Elmo was able to attend our Christmas Party despite his busy sched, especially these days.

I was late that time because I came from work, and it’s rush hour so the traffic was so heavy. I took the MRT but still! may traffic sa MRT. Haha, just kidding. They just had some problem with the train that caused me to be late for an hour. Good thing, I was still able to make it before Elmo leaves.

Here’s the proof that I’m late. Haha (photo credits to Sarah)


So when I came, sakto lang for dinner. After dinner, we had our pictures.. selfies and groupies etc. Medyo nagmamadali lang coz Moe still have an appointment, I think it’s a shoot. Supposedly 8:30, alis na sya, but he went out almost 9 na. But still, he’s selfie-ing with other fans. Bait talaga.

And I was surprise for the giveaways!!! (photo credits to Rhaine)


Thank you so much Oishi, Folded & Hung and FMCC for these!!


Of course, thanks so much to Ms. Pia for these sponsors, and for letting Elmo join our Party. Thanks so much for being kind 🙂

So since I don’t have my cam with me that night, I’ll just share some pics with you guys (photo credits to Rhaine)


(p.s. he forgot to bring the cake with him, haha)


(I can see him as a Daddy from this picture, maybe because he’s reading a newspaper, hahaha)



All are excited with their new FMCC shirt, yaayyyy!



Hug tight coz I missed you so much!!!

Ohh, special thanks to Elmo Exclusive, Sealed Elmonatics, Elmoholics, ElmosChannel, Fresh Elmonades and other groups that I forgot to mention 🙂

and thanks to Aly for dropping by 🙂



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