Elmo’s birthday prod and birthday celebration. 042813

At last, this party finally happened! It was originally planned to be a Christmas Party, but was postponed because of his conflict schedule, he had a photo shoot for Folded & Hung that night. We planned on re-scheduling the party but Moe was so busy that time, but we realized that it’s ok if we will re-sched the party on April for Elmo’s birthday so it  would be a celebration for him.

And so April comes, we visited Moe at his rehearsal for Party P to ask if he’s available on April 28 and he said yes. So yeah! We’re busy preparing all the giveaways, raffles, souvenirs and etc for his Party, so far, all worth it. 🙂

Earlier that day is his birthday prod. Party Pilipinas was at the Philippine Navy Headquarters for the 115th celebration of chuvalu. I went there early to meet the other heads of Elmo’s groupies and the others who asked for tickets to me. I had 60 tickets but only few get their tix,  so we gave the left tickets to anyone who’s in the line of the Entrance. The venue was open and was not that organized I think, coz there is no designated seats for “this” groupies and some seats were vacant and halo-halo, bahala na kung san ka uupo, and not all seats have a tent, those who are sitting in the VIP also don’t have a tent..wawa naman sila bilad na bilad while the show is ongoing.


So here’s Elmo’s prod:


Keso Boys – they sang Mga Kababayan,

Love PP, – JuliElmo: Why can’t it be

and his birthday prod: If you could see me now – The Script and Kaleidoscope World – Francis M.

I didn’t took a picture of his other prods coz my cam got lowbat. 😦 Here’s some of the pics I took:



Here’s maxx, proud ate!


After Party P, we headed to Trinoma to prepare things, gifts and giveaways for Elmo’s birthday party. It was a very successful birthday celebration organized by Sealed Elmonatics’ admins. 🙂

See photos here: (credits to @OneForElmoMags)

Why are you staring at me ba?? Hahahaha




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