Elmo’s Grand Fans Day by Magnolia

Thanks to magnolia for making this event happen. It was his first fans day ever. We’ve been dreaming and pushing through for this for so long, and at last.. it happened. I remember we were at the PICC for Elmo’s event that time and we were surprised when we’ve read the tweet about this. We asked him about this and was so excited for it. We planned so much for what gifts we will give and what surprise we’re gonna do for him. We’ve done a lot of efforts and hard works for this. It’s like a dream come true for us coz we’ve been planning for this for so long. And lemme share with you one thing, while I was on my work, it just came out in my mind about having a date with him..and when I got back home, I saw a status update from Magnolia’s fanpage about this, a 5-minute date with him! I was totally like “OMG I want this!! Was this a sign??” and then I totally rushed to the comshop coz my pc isn’t working that time and did an entry for this. I wasn’t expecting that much but I’m hoping to win.. And so yeah.

Earlier that morning we prepared all the gifts for Ms. Pia, Elmo and for Magnolia also. Went to Trinoma at 10am to buy gifts and etc. then headed straight to Sarah’s crib to do all the preparations and to wrap all those gifts. The feeling was just so nice when you all work as a team.

Here’s what we gave them:

Mango Cream Cake for Ms. Pia, Photo Mosaic for Elmo, box with full of letters from his fans, dedication letter for Moe, Frostings cupcakes for Magnolia, Shawl for Ms. Pia and 2 boxes of J.Co for Moe.

I think mommy p liked it so much hehe πŸ™‚

After all the preparations we headed at the Robinsons Magnolia for the event. We spotted Ms. Pia and Elmo at the Magnolia Flavor House while the show is not yet starting..and so the show started..

I’ll show you some pics of Elmo while performing

Lotsa freebies!! Nuggets, hotdogs, Oishi snacks, Magnolia Tumblers and ice creams everywhere!!

While waiting for the show to start..

Meet the Admins! (photo below)

High five to you my dear for all our hard works! Eto na talaga yun!

He sang What makes you beautiful, One Less Lonely Girl and Die In Your Arms..

He’s singing OLLG!! Such a lucky girl

..and the winners of 5-minute date with Elmo are:

It’s like a dream come true πŸ™‚ I was totally surprised when I heard my name, I was speechless when I was at the stage hihi.

We even sang a song for him, in revised.. we made it “boy” be mine πŸ˜‰

For me, that was the best part of the event where I get to talk to him on mic and tell him personally that I’ve been supporting him since when he entered showbiz.. I wonder how did he felt when he heard that.. Sarah also read a poem for him, so sweet!

and the “bestest” part ever was when he sang with us on the rap part of Girl be mine.. kakilig sobra!

..at the registration booth while waiting for moe for our speed date, heehee

Sealed Elmonatics

Magnolia Staffs who coordinated with us for our surprise for Elmo πŸ™‚

2 Vouchers of Magnolia’s Banana Split πŸ™‚


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