Ultra Mega Trade Fair: Day 2

Everything went right that day. At school, I was exempted at our exam but still we took an exam and got an almost perfect score, we decided not to answer the essay coz we’re already exempted so yeah. After exam we did a defense for our thesis and everything went fine. My class was finished early so I wasted my time hanging at my fave hang out place at our Campus, in Rotonda. Then I headed straight to PICC for the Ultra Mega Trade Fair to catch Elmo perform. But sadly, the event was only for those who are members, I think? Or to those who has an invites. We stayed at the lobby waiting and thinking of what “diskarte” should we do coz walk ins aren’t allowed in the show. We waited for hours.. We even searched for his car at the whole parking lot to know if he’s already there.. When we get back we saw his car there and decided to stay near that area.. We saw Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, Anne Curtis, KC Concepcion, Kris Bernal, Jericho Rosales and Jaya..

*fast forward to the climax*

Then we saw Mommy P and Elmo looking for their car.. We rushly approached him and convo goes like this:

Me: Moe! Kanina pa kami dito..di ka namin napanood

Moe: oh bakit naman

Me: bawal walk in eh

Sarah: yung may mga invites lang pwede eh

Moe: ahhh yung mga kasama lang talaga sa event yung pwede?

Us: oo

Me: anong kinanta mo?

Moe: ano lang, kumanta lang ako 2 songs.. 3 stars & a son and Kaleidoscope World

Me: ayy sayang di namin napanood.. Papicture na lang

Moe: oo yun na lang naman eh..

*While Janeth is taking a pic with moe*

Me: si Janeth, yung nagbigay ng chocolate sayo

Sarah: oo nga!

*after taking pics*

Moe: sayang walang party p ngayon eh, next week meron..

Janeth: di ba may meet and greet ka sa Magnolia?

Moe: ah yah, sa 18 ..

*me talking to mommy p*

Me: ma’am pwede po mag papic?

MsP: oh yah sure

Me: moe sama ka na din

After the pic taking..

MsP. Uwi na kayo?

Sarah: opo

Us: ingat po thank you po! Belated happy birthday po

..and we all went home with a wide smile on our face..

here’s some photos:


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