Comwork sesh 2

Today, I was supposed to be at the Candy Fair Event, spotting my fave candy cuties and celebs but didn’t get to attend it coz of our Comwork (communication workplace) session, today also is the UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2012, sad coz I’ve waited for it for years. I was always a fan of Cheerdance because of my old special friend, he’s the reason why I was forced to join our cheerdance team way back in my highschool days, haha! Anyway. Today’s the last day of our comwork session. We’re required to attend this session, it’s like our preparation for our job application when we graduate. Last meeting, we did recall on our elementary topics such as prepositions. Such a simple topic, but it’s where alot of people get confused. Even me, sometimes I get confused on these words “in, on, from, at”. So yeah. Today’s the last session and our last activity was to be interviewed like a real applicant.

Watching Moron 5 with my girls before our interview. Did a lot of trips inside the car.. I so love them!

Here’s my fave girls, Mae and Jen but I call them Cheeks and Nati.. and Nati calls me Franc :))

Instead of preparing, we just wasted our time tripping, laughing and doing things haha. It’s our way to minimize our nervous haha

Aly: bakit di kayo kinakabahan? *with a worrying face*

Us: Osige na nga kinakabahan kami *acts like we’re nervous* *sarcastic* hahaha

was a little bit nervous when it’s already my turn, I forgot the number 1 rule not to sway when you’re being interviewed haha. But still, I got a positive feedback, I think I did well enough, thank God 🙂


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