I learned to love Saturday Classes!

We all know that Saturday is supposed to be our rest day. But since I entered college, that perception was changed. I used to hate Saturday class when I was 2nd year college because we only had 1 subject and the sched was morning. But I learned to love it because every Saturday, after class, we always head to different places to chill, hang out and bond. We had 3 Saturday class. First Saturday class was Economics (that was 2nd year, 2nd sem), Second was Marketing (that was 3rd year, 1st sem) and Last was Business Law (3rd year, 2nd sem) — that was the worst Saturday class we had.

But now, we all love Saturday class. It’s the only day where we get to see each other coz Monday to Friday is our Practicum. Actually we called Saturday as “Tawa Day” because Saturday is like.. the only day of the week where we laugh, not just laugh but we laugh are hearts out. Though we have 2 subjects every sat, and 3 hours every class. We all missed having regular class.

Actually we don’t feel studying this day.. we only went to school to see each other, chismis.. tambay, skip class for a while and return when it’s already time haha.

(after our first class)


 Lunch with my Girls.. (we’re not complete)


skipped class for a while to chill.

view from CBA Fire Exit. I used to hang out on Fire Exits when I was in highschool.




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