Human Lasallian Star 2012 ★

June 17, 2012 was officially declared as the Green and White Day!

Human Lasallian Star 2009 (morning), 2010 (evening), 2012 (afternoon)

It’s my 2nd time to join this event and I’m happy to be a committee on this event 🙂 Though I don”t have my friends with me I enjoyed it alot coz I’ve always wanted to be a staff or committee of an event. Stayed at school for almost 13hrs but it’s all worth it. Don’t have much photos though. But still happy coz Hec (hs friend) was with me that time, kahit pano di ako loner sa event na to coz only Jen and I attended this event.. di pa kami nagkita, saklap. Haha

I’m part of the Star! Shirt by Univerisidad. Thanks to the Registration Team for this Shirt!

Free meals all day! That’s the advantage of being a committee.. But our Lunch was delayed for 2 hours. Shakeys nga, matigas at malamig naman nung dumating samin haha fail!

They spelled my name wrong. Not because my full name is Jacqueline, my nickname would be Jacque. It’s Jacqui!

Here’s some photo of me busy doing things. I was assigned to be my station’s cashier.

Ngawit na

Formation of the Star has already started

Look! The Aerial View of the Human Lasallian Star! It was a success! Looking forward to the next Human Lasallian Star formation! See you all there Lasallians!


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