OJT starts now

Earlier this morning I went to Riviera Golf Club to have myself oriented for my OJT. I wasn’t that prepared to start my OJT coz all I have that day was my make up kit, umbrella, wallet and phone! Girl scout isn’t it? Haha. Anyway, I was originally assigned at the Membership, where I’m going to take care of those who want to avail membership and those who are already members so I can be familiar with the operation of the whole club since my course is Operations Management. But the position was already full so I was re-assigned at the Proshop section. Proshop section is where the members buy equipment and attires for their sport, Golf. In front of Proshop is the Golf desk, that’s where we are seated. All members and guests were assisted by us. Most of the members and guests are Foreigners..Koreans. I love talking to Koreans. They are easy to talk to but hard to understand coz of their pronunciations. Anyway, the entire day was boring. I’ll look forward for the next days of my internship. Good luck to me coz my sched of OJT is MWF and I have classes every TTHS and I have to finish my 500 hours of duty. Whoa


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